October 2020

Osteoporosis Drugs and Their Side Effects

Drugs: Osteoporosis can be a doctor-induced disease.  Several drugs are now known to be implicated in osteoporosis: Corticosteroids are famous for this (cortisone, predisone and all related steroids), thyroid hormone supplements such as thyroxine, isoniazid for tuberculosis, antibiotics especially tetracycline and its derivatives, tranquilizers and psychotropic drugs such as anti-depressants.  This list will most likely …

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Natural Disasters

Recent hurricanes and their resultant floods as well as fires, and the smoke from them, are cause for alarm or concern. Despite our technological advances, we cannot always control natural disasters, but much of it we can predict. When we look at disasters in our bodies, we call it disease. The warning signs of disease …

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