March 2020

Immune Power

We have the power to influence our immune system in its innate ability to protect us from the biological/environmental stresses that can bombard us from many directions. There are actions that we can take – good and bad – that can help determine our ability to fight viruses and other invading pathogens. As we are …

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Osteoarthritis Relief

Osteoarthritis(OA), a type of arthritis characterized by the degeneration of cartilage in a joint, is one of many conditions with a seemingly hopeless prognosis.  Typically, patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis are told that cartilage simply does not regenerate, and thus they are destined for a joint replacement or other surgical intervention.  However, there is significant evidence …

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Our Amazing Body

Daily, we are building a new body.  Our bodies break down ongoingly, and providing the raw materials are present, it also rebuilds itself ongoingly.  In fact, the body is broken down at a rate of 24 billion cells per day.  Hopefully, 24 billion cells are re-made every day.  What happens when it’s not?   If one …

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