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We Can Help You With Balancing Your Hormones

Our hormones are a complex communication system that is responsible for the direction of hundreds of chemical and functional responses in the body.  It is a beautiful symphony of masterfully perfected inter-active parts that are intended to harmonize with all the others.

To treat it as a simple, one gland approach is like expecting a professional pianist to play harmoniously with a group of students in their first month of their music lessons. It doesn’t matter how well it plays, if the rest of the group doesn’t harmonize well, it still will perform horribly. Likewise, an organ, such as the thyroid, if it is functioning sub-optimally, can’t expect to play up to concert performance level with the others in a concert of professional musicians. 

The entire endocrine system must be treated as a whole in order to get optimal performance. So when someone comes in to get their thyroid to work better, for instance, you can be sure that we will be questioning the condition of the other organs as well.

One important aspect is to be sure that all nutritional elements, such as minerals, amino acids and fats – the essential building blocks for hormones – are present. That means addressing the digestion if it isn’t up to par, handling any blood sugar issues (blood sugar is handled by the liver, adrenals and pancreas), and making sure thyroid, sex hormones and all other systems are working up to par.

There is so much we can do to help, both nutritionally and through acupuncture and other modalities. First, we will discover what systems are not working in harmony with the others.  Then support it particularly, but most importantly, support the entire symphony of glands.

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