Cooperative Cancer Care

We Can Help Support You Through Cancer

Cancer of all types is skyrocketing. It seems that 20 years ago it was an anomaly to know someone with cancer. Today it’s an anomaly to not know someone. People are dying, or suffering at an alarming rate.

We can help. Treatments for cancer can be brutal: fatigue, immune suppression/infections, pain, peripheral neuropathies, nausea and vomiting, anemia, mouth sores, appetite changes, bleeding issues, constipation, diarrhea, hair loss, memory changes, skin and nail changes, loss of libido, swelling, alterations in organ function and urinary changes are all frequent side effects. The good news is that acupuncture and nutrition can help mitigate many of these symptoms.

Acupuncture has been effective in helping people endure their cancer treatments, and even be able to tolerate higher doses of their chemotherapy. Dr. Carling has worked with several cancer centers in supporting their patients overall health while going through chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. When conventional treatments are not an option, we can help the person live more comfortably for the time they have left.

We are not a cancer treatment center. Our function is to provide the person with the best possible health we can achieve and support them in recovering from their health condition, or simply in managing symptoms, as the patient chooses.

If a person chooses an alternative healing modality, we will also support them in that choice and work with their alternative doctor. We want to be clear here: we are treating the person, not their disease. We will do all we can to help restore health.

Let's Solve This Puzzle Together!

At Vital Health we help people find clarity regarding the root causes of their health challenges and provide step-by-step guidance on what to do, and when to do it, in order to restore health naturally.