We Can Help with Your Asthma

My first experience with the wonders of acupuncture in treating asthma was as an intern. Just walking into the clinic, a man followed who was in the middle of a severe asthma attack. I grabbed the Senior instructor, who worked swiftly and placed only 4 acupuncture needles in the appropriate locations, and instantly his breathing calmed down, and soon he fell asleep. Having worked in the Emergency Room as a nurse, I knew the typical response to treatments, and this was nothing short of miraculous!

Obviously, one treatment didn’t cure his asthma, but after a series of treatments, I was able to witness a complete resolution of his asthma. Since then, I have been able to control and/or eliminate asthma in many other people.  The most common ailment I treat children for is asthma. This is particularly rewarding because I know I am helping prevent them from having a lifetime of asthma medications, most of which are steroid hormones which contribute to a variety of other health issues. By eliminating their asthma, I eliminate a host of other potential health challenges.

Treating asthma with acupuncture is only part of the picture. Using nutrition and naturopathic remedies are also vital components in resolving this frightening disease.

When treating asthma, acupuncturists do not just treat the lungs. The body is viewed as a complex matrix of factors that contribute to asthma, including lungs, stomach, spleen and kidney health. Therefore, during evaluation, a comprehensive history and examination is essential to determining the underlying cause of the asthma. The person is treated, not just the disease.  Although there is considerable diversity in treatment strategies depending on the person, acupuncture, especially in combination with good nutrition, remains one of the premier modalities utilized in resolving asthma.

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