Sleep Disturbances

We Can Help You Get Sleep & Wake Refreshed

The ability to sleep well crosses over into every aspect of our lives – from the ability to concentrate on a task, to patience with our spouse and children, safety on the road or with machinery, and the ability to cope with life’s stresses. For those who sleep well, it is easily taken for granted. For those who don’t, their whole world can be turned upside down.

Sleep disorders have become rampant. Difficulty falling asleep, waking frequently through the night, or not sleeping deeply, easily disturbed by the slightest noise dominates most peoples’ lives. It is not a mere annoyance, but interferes with quality of life. It has become so common, that I am now surprised when new patients tell me they sleep well. I so rarely hear that anymore.

For each of the reasons why you don’t sleep well, there are answers. The reasons can be drastically different, for instance between not falling asleep, and not staying asleep. Although sleeping medications can help, most people complain they wake up feeling drugged, groggy, and dull-headed. They recognize it isn’t the best answer, but desperate people can do desperate things.

Fortunately, there is much we can do to help sleep that isn’t going to make you dull. Through a combination of skilled diagnosis, acupuncture, nutrition and herbal treatment, we can help. You deserve a life of quality sleep, so that you can function at a quality level that you may only now dream possible.

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