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When you come to Vital Health as a new patient, you will receive a Complete Bio-Functional Analysis. This is our exclusive evaluation process, utilizing over 27 different assessment tools, that allows us to act as “Health Detectives” and find the often overlooked “clues” that are essential in identifying the underlying cause of your symptoms. Our goal is to discover WHY your body is not functioning properly in the first place – not just running around chasing symptoms.

Once we’ve determined what your body is trying to tell us about what is going on, we will recommend a course of treatment that is likely to include acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and other healing modalities. These recommendations will be specific for you.

Your body knows how to heal. Our biggest ___ is to find out what’s missing that’s preventing your body from healing as it innately knows how to do; or what is happening that may be interfering with the healing process.  The nutrition will provide the raw materials the body is missing that’s preventing it from healing. The acupuncture provides a cascade of signaling, directing the organs and systems to function better. You’re going to love this! These modalities have a synergistic effect. Using both of them doesn’t just give you twice the benefit. Synergy means that it’s well beyond mathematically doubling your response.

Let's Solve This Puzzle Together!

At Vital Health we help people find clarity regarding the root causes of their health challenges and provide step-by-step guidance on what to do, and when to do it, in order to restore health naturally.