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We Can Help You With Digestive Health

I love treating digestive problems! It gives me the greatest satisfaction. That is because I know that when the digestive system is functioning properly, we have the opportunity to heal many other systems as well. I have studied many different forms of alternative medicine. The common denominator amongst all is that “if the digestive system is not working well, nothing else will”.

Poor digestion can also affect many parts of a person’s life. Patients with IBS or Crohn’s disease, for instance, know where every bathroom from home to destination is located. They have to carry backpacks in their car or with them at all times in case they “have to run”. It’s a miserable existence!

People suffering with heartburn, reflux, diverticulitis and other problems have their own set of adaptations they make to endure from day to day.

When confronted with digestive symptoms, most people assume that drugs are their only option. However, with drugs, such as acid-stopping medications, digestion is compromised. That means that they only benefit marginally from the foods they eat, since digestion is effectively stopped. All the organs and glands which are dependent upon proper nutrition to function well (which is pretty much all of them!), have to settle for miniscule nutritional support. As a result, their function diminishes. But in the world of drugs, that means you just have to take another drug to manage that problem! It can become an endless cycle.

Drugs are not the only option in addressing digestive problems.  There is a lot that can be done to recover proper digestive function without resorting to drugs.  Restoring digestive function is key to restoring health anywhere in the body. That is why I like treating digestive problems so much. I can do much to restore health of other systems when I get a person digesting well!

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