Vital Health

Our Approach to Health

At Vital Health, we believe that the body has an inborn capacity to heal itself. That it has an innate intelligence that is not dependent upon us directly to order, define or activate in order to function. When something is amiss, the body will deploy other means of accomplishing its actions, even at times to its own detriment.

Our job is to define what went amiss in the first place. Symptoms are the body’s way of sending out a red flag saying “Hey you! Something is wrong here! I could use a little help!” The body will tell us in many different ways what is wrong (we simply dismiss that as a separate, distinct symptom or disease), so we must look at all symptoms together to get the picture. We liken the body and all its red flags (symptoms) as a picture. Each symptom is a piece of the puzzle. We could treat the puzzle piece, which would have the appearance of the symptom going away, or we could treat the picture, which would result in multiple symptoms disappearing. We prefer to treat the picture. We prefer to treat YOU, not an isolated symptom.

It is rare that any symptom has a singular cause. Most symptoms are multifaceted – have multiple things that went wrong, that combined together to cause a system sub-function. Because the body tells us in many ways what went wrong, knowing all the symptoms tells us the variance of things that went wrong. Therefore, we get a more comprehensive view of what is askew. We employ various physical exam techniques and testing to ascertain imbalances. 

QUESTION, QUESTION, QUESTION! The dominant question asked whenever a symptom has manifested, is “WHY?”  If looked at like an onion, our job is to peel back the layers and expose the deeper “heart” of the problem. WHY is this a problem? What went wrong? What does the body need that it is not getting, in order to do its job? What is blocking the body from doing its job? As we answer those questions, we have to dig even deeper. 

Let’s say, hypothetically that the body is missing a mineral necessary to stimulate function (such as iodine for the thyroid). Why is it missing? Is it not in the diet? (that warrants further investigation). Is the digestive system inadequate to digest it? (more investigation). Is gut absorption inhibited? (Why?) Is it not able to get into the cells? (Again, why? What’s missing, blocking, etc.). This is what is meant by peeling back the layers and looking for the root cause. 

Much is blamed today on genes. “You have no choice, it’s genetic”. For most situations this is a cop-out. It takes the responsibility out of your hands to resolve it. What a disservice! If it appears to be in your family history, I see that as an opportunity! My family is wrought with cardiovascular incidents. Nearly every death has been strokes and heart attacks. Do you think I’m going to just wait around and wait for my time? Not a chance! I am doing everything I can to ensure my cardiovascular system is strong and pristine! I welcome the knowledge of genetic propensity because it gives me power to be in control of my own health. 

However, most diseases which have the appearance of being a genetic expression are actually a lifestyle transfer. You eat similarly, have parallel emotional tendencies, and approach wellbeing congruent with what you were taught. So of course you will trend towards the same health outcomes. Just because you have a certain predisposition to a certain symptom or disease doesn’t mean you have no choice but to succumb. You have choice, and you have the power to change. 

Change is not always easy. Patrons of Vital Health come, knowing that they will have work to do. Sometimes the changes can be overwhelming, so we need to take small, bite-sized incremental steps that can easily be adapted into their lifestyle, other times just simple tweaking is all that is necessary. To change your health, you have to change what is detrimental to your health. As the saying goes “the definition of insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result”. 

Good health is something that is achievable. It takes work, but the body intelligence will guide us along the path. We, at Vital Health, joy in the frequent accomplishment of assisting others in restoring their health. It is commonplace to hear the words “Thank you for giving me my life back!” This is why this company exists. This is our purpose for doing what we do. We recognize it is not us. We are simply the medium to assist the body in doing what it innately knows to do. We are the tools, the body (and God) is the healer.

Let's Solve This Puzzle Together!

At Vital Health we help people find clarity regarding the root causes of their health challenges and provide step-by-step guidance on what to do, and when to do it, in order to restore health naturally.