Sports Injuries

We Can Help You With Sports Injuries

Having an active life is a great way to enjoy good health. We have been privileged to help many active individuals in two primary ways:

First: We work with many athletes from all sports to improve their performance. We have several tri-athletes as patients that have commented that the protocols we put them on during their training and during their races have been astounding. They say they don’t hit the wall, they recover more quickly, and their race times are better. Several athletes we have worked with previously suffered headaches, nausea and other symptoms after races, which no longer plague them.

The Second support is in sports injuries. Acupuncture in particular, has been shown to reduce healing time of fractures and sprain/strains. Chronic and acute pain is quite commonly remedied with acupuncture. We treat everything from a simple tendonitis, to chronic protracted pain, and also support post-operative healing.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help relieve inflammation, swelling, pain, and improve circulation. They can stimulate the healing mechanism, and strengthen damaged or healthy tissue.

The more rigorous the exercise, the more nutritional support is required. It is essential. Competing with a half empty tank (so to speak), is not only unwise, but dangerous. Many an athlete who was assumed to be in awesome shape dropped dead during an athletic event with no history of health issues that would have contributed to their demise.  

There is much we can do to help you achieve your athletic potential. It is a race worth running!

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