Immune Deficiency

We Can Help You Strengthen Your Immune System

Our immune systems are challenged beyond belief today. We are challenged by environmental pollutants, dietary indiscretions, viral and bacterial contamination and other insults.

In many ways we are our own worst enemies. In times past, we boosted our immune systems by subjecting ourselves to normal exposures. Today, we sanitize them away.  Previously, we allowed ourselves to be sick (even if miserable), doing things to help our immune system counter the challenge, but today we just take antibiotics, which bypass the normal immune mechanisms that allow our body to “remember” that exposure, never to succumb to it again. We consume things like sugar that disable our immune response, dry up the process by taking other medications, and basically do everything in our power to disengage healthy immunity, under the guise of feeling better.

Now we are hampered by auto-immune diseases, an immune system so dysfunctional that it attacks its own host. Bizarre. Nature would never normally allow that. But these aren’t normal times. The abuses our immune systems endure are so far beyond anything our bodies were genetically prepared for, that it’s no wonder we are sick.

However, there is hope. The good news is that we have multiple tools to re-establish a healthy immune response. Three of those tools include acupuncture, good, sound, nutrition, and herbal remedies/nutritional supplements. Just as we frequently are responsible for disabling our immune systems, we are also capable of re-engaging it as well. Whew! Thought you were stuck with these horrible immune challenges? You’re not! Start on the road to good health today.

Let's Solve This Puzzle Together!

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