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What Makes Us Different

At Vital Health, we are different in that we look for what is going on underneath the symptoms you are experiencing.  A symptom is simply your body's way of telling you that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.  It's like having the check engine light come on in your car.  You can put a piece of tape over it and cover up the symptom (like taking a drug to mask a symptom) or you can cut the check engine light out of the car (like removing an organ that is not functioning properly), but until you find out WHY the check engine light is coming on in the first place, the problem still exists.  We are "Health Detectives." We do a lot of investigating to discover WHY your body is not functioning properly in the first place.  What is going on "underneath the hood?"  Once we discover WHY you are experiencing your symptom(s) in the first place, we are able to put together a Customized Health Recovery plan to help you to re-claim optimal health.


The other thing that makes us different is that we take the time to truly listen to our patients and answers all of their questions. Our patients feel heard and know that we truly cares about them.

Puzzle of Ill Health

“I appreciate Dr. Carling’s kindness. She has paid complete attention to me. She has so much compassion…she listens with her whole heart. She really cares what happens to me. You don’t see that too often in medicine. She has wisdom and knowledge beyond measure. Dr. Carling is one of the most gracious women I have ever met.” - Betty