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"Before I came to see Dr. Carling, I had been experiencing severe right shoulder pain for two years and I had just begun experiencing shoulder pain on the left side as well.  The right shoulder had to be massaged and re-adjusted every night by my husband and I couldn't lift my left arm up to my shoulder.  I constantly had to baby my shoulder and I felt like I was a burden to other people in my life.  I would cry to my husband at night, "I am tired of being in pain."


I had tried everything including my medical doctor, physical therapy, and chiropractic.  Nothing helped!  Trying acupuncture was my last resort, shot in the dark, after everything else had failed.


I have been very happy with my experience with Dr. Carling.  She really talks you through what is happening and what needs to be done to get well.  My questions have been thoroughly answered.  I feel like she's treating me, not the textbook.  I felt like all of the other doctors I saw were treating the textbook, not me.


Now, after only a few treatments, I am completely out of pain.  If I hadn't suffered for the last two years, I wouldn't even know there was a problem.  My symptoms are completely gone!  I am so grateful and amazed!" - Kim

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