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"Before coming to see Dr. Carling I had been experiencing neck & shoulder pain that never subsided for 3-5 years.  I was feeling chronically fatigued - my sense of well being was gone.  My initiative was lacking.  I was experiencing a myriad of symptoms.


I have only seen Dr. Carling a few times (this is my 3rd treatment), and I am already feeling so much better!


Within four hours of my first treatment I felt completely "up".  My energy level and mood were so much better.  After my second treatment, I am no longer experiencing terrible sugar cravings after each meal.  My joint pain is pretty much gone.  My neck & shoulder pain is gone.  My back spasms are gone.  The inflammation I was experiencing all over my body is pretty much gone.  I feel really balanced and am experiencing zero anxiety!  The "brain fog" I was experiencing is gone and I feel my initiative coming back.  The cough I woke up with every morning is gone.


Dr. Carling has such a calming, comforting way about her.  I am feeling so much better and I was so surprised at how quickly I am feeling better." - Brenda

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