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"Before I came to see Dr. Holly Carling I had been suffering from extreme fatigue for eight years - at it's worst I had to choose whether to use what little energy I had to either eat or shower in a day.  Working was out of the question.  I had difficulty processing information, reasoning, and problem solving - previously these had been strengths of mine.  I had significant short and long term memory loss.  I had severe allergies that were progressively getting worse with each new season.  I had been experiencing hives all over my arms and legs for 4 years.  I felt like I was becoming allergic to my entire environment.  I had been suffering from severe headaches for years and had just started having my first few migraines just before I started with Dr. Carling.  The headaches were constantly there, they had become a part of my life.  I had severe menstrual cramps.  I was unable to deal with stress - it was debilitating.  I had gained 85-90 pounds during the course of my health issues.  I experienced digestive distress daily for 20 years and had been experiencing depression and anxiety that was gradually worsening.


I had seen a number of different doctors.  I had tried a variety of prescription and over the counter drugs.  I had tried diet modification and exercise.  I thought I was eating right - I have since learned to think differently about what eating right actually is.  I had tried B12 shots and a variety of different vitamin supplements.  I was still progressively getting worse.


My poor health was affecting my life in so many ways.  Career wise - I was stuck in a job that I could do in my sleep.  There was no challenge.  It did not provide financially.  It was "just a job".  My poor health challenged my relationships with my friends.  I was no longer the same person that drew us together to become friends.  My social life had become pretty much nil - which is so not me.  I normally have to work hard to control my social life.  I lost my passion for music - something that defined me.  I could no longer handle the church and community volunteer activities I used to participate in.


Now, I am still healing - I am not 100% of where I want to be, but I am doing so much better.  I am now 45 pounds lighter than when I started.  I finally recognize that girl in the mirror again.  I am responding to life like that person I knew.  When I was sick, I was not expressive; I was "dead-pan".  Now, I am full of expression and vitality again.  I have a lot more energy.  Working out gives me energy again (it robbed me of energy while I was sick).  I am now pursuing other career opportunities.  I am able to take on more responsibility and stress.  I am able to think and problem solve again.  I look back on some of the decisions I made while sick and can't believe the flawed logic I used.  I have a social life again.  I have established new relationships and met new friends.  Nobody is a stranger - I can talk to anybody again.  I am getting involved in music again - it is enriching my life.  I feel so much better!


I value Dr. Carling's passion for knowledge and understanding.  As I brought weird symptoms to her, she was able to explain WHY I was experiencing them.  She gave me hope that I wouldn't have to keep suffering, that I wouldn't have to be on medications the rest of my life.  I'm no longer on any medications.  Dr. Carling has been respectful of me as a patient and what I bring to the healing process.  She has been respectful of my financial and physical limitations.  She has been careful not to overwhelm me with too much information and too much change at a time.  Healing is a relationship - it is an effort from both parties.  I never felt judged for my failings in the process.  I have always received encouragement instead of a negative response.  She is always positive.  Dr. Carling has been good about taking me where I was and helping me grow.


I was surprised to learn how truly bad for you refined sugars are, and how good for you the right fats are.  I was surprised to realize that a large part of it is what I eat and the detrimental chemicals in my environment.  I was amazed that I could do acupuncture - I am a serious needle phobe!  I have been so pleased at the speed with which all the stuff I dealt with has reversed in relation to how long I had been suffering.  Thank you!" - Juli

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