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Last year (2017) I was diagnosed with severe anemia in April and Barrett’s Esophageal in October. I also had removed gluten because of lesions I was getting all over my body that were causing scars. I was taking an iron supplement that did get me out of the danger zone for anemia but I was still very fatigued! As far as Barrett’s; Dr. said not to eat many foods and to take Prilosec everyday and they would scope every couple of years watching for cancer! During the course of being so sick before diagnosed with Barrett’s I had unintentionally lost 20 lbs of muscle/weight and with such a limited diet was not gaining weight, looking very pasty and still very fatigued. The Prilosec was doing nothing and I was very concerned about the belching I was having that was exasperating the inflammation in my esophagus. I knew I needed to get my gut healed to help prevent anymore damage and hopefully prevent the onset of cancer! I was very discouraged with western medicine and knew I needed an alternative. A friend mentioned I needed to see a Functional Medicine doctor. So my search began and here enters Dr. Holly Carling of Couer de Alene ID. I was desperate and willing to try anything as well as do the long drive! I initially went to Dr. Carling for fatigue, gut issues and Barrett’s esophagus. After an examine, testing and history information, Dr Carling actually discovered a plethora of problems! Final assessment- Mineral, B vitamin & essential fatty acid deficiencies, digestive insufficiency, weakness, inflammation, endocrine imbalance, poor blood sugar handling mechanism, adrenal fatigue, liver overwhelmed, loss of tissue integrity, probable low thyroid function and systemic inflammation! I honestly was shocked, I had been trying to cope with so many things and it just wasn’t working! Dr Carling went over each and every problem and assured me we can reverse everything (yes everything, Barrett’s included) with cold pressed supplements, food changes/additions to m y diet as well as acupuncture! Again, I was desperate and willing to try! I wasn’t necessarily for or against acupuncture, I really hadn’t put any thought or research into it but I was willing to give it 6wks at 3 treatments a week and then decide whether to continue or not! What I know now is that acupuncture works to restore function, it encourages the body to heal itself, it causes the release of chemicals that stop pain, inflammation, swelling or muscle spasms, stimulates the immune system, improves digestive function, balances endocrine function and so much more! In a very short time I was seeing results for things I didn’t even come to her for! I had had a stress headache everyday for 2 weeks and happen to ask her if acupuncture would work for it, she said yes and did her thing and that headache was insistently gone and hasn’t returned. I have really bad menstrual cramps and very heavy bleeding, again I asked if it could help and of course she said yes and did her thing and yep, I have had to cycles with no pain and less bleeding. I have suffered for 15 years with a bladder that did not completely empty causing me to get up 3-4x in the night, not anymore. The supplements have made my spooning fingernails from the anemia finally grow ou t and are healthy, my hair has lots of new growth, my skin is smoother and not pasty looking, my lesions are gone, my stamina is getting better everyday, my stomach is getting better as well but will take more time no doubt after 20 years of scarring. I am really feeling amazing!! Dr. Carling has given me hope that other doctors could not offer. She is genuinely compassionate, sincere, engaged and very detailed about information and recommendations! All of the office staff is kind, helpful, and thorough. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Carling! Don’t let money, distance or time prevent you from getting the help you need! Your body can only handle so much, don’t become desperate or sicker then you need to be!! Gratefully, Le'Andra