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"Before coming to see Dr. Carling I felt lost, to the point I couldn't do things.  I wasn't capable of in depth thinking.  My mind seemed so empty.  I had no feelings about anything.  My body was totally fatigued.  I was not sleeping at all at night.  I took no joy or pleasure from anything.  That was very sad.  I had been slowly progressing into this state for a couple of years, but I was at my worst for the 3 months before I came to see Dr. Carling.  I finally decided to take some action when I reached the point where I was no longer able to take responsibility for my granddaughter.


My medical doctor put me on Zoloft and Xanax.  This helped improve my sleep for the first few nights, but did not affect my depression.  After the first few nights, the drugs were no longer helping with my sleep.  My doctor increased my dosage, and I still did not experience any positive change.  I felt drugged upon awakening and it took me a couple of hours to get going in the morning.


After only 3 treatments I began to experience emotions again.  Now, only about a month into my treatments with Dr. Carling, I am feeling so much better!  Before, I felt like I had no soul.  Now, I feel like I am beginning to recapture a depth I didn't know was possible.  Every day I notice a difference for the better.  I am creating a whole new life for myself.  Dr. Carling is teaching me to take care of myself - the whole me.


I appreciate Dr. Carling's kindness.  She has paid complete attention to me.  She has so much compassion...she listens with her whole heart.  She really cares what happens to me.  You don't see that too often in medicine.  She has wisdom and knowledge beyond measure.  Dr. Carling is one of the most gracious women I have ever met.


I am so surprised at how good I feel.  I didn't think I'd be able to laugh again...and really feel it.  Thank You!" - Betty

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