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"My son, Maverick, is 2 1/2 years old.  For the past 1 1/2 years Maverick has not felt good and as a result has been extremely irritable.  He wore me out.  He whined all day long and wanted to be held all day long.  His speech was delayed and we had him in a speech program.  He would have terrible tantrums that could last anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.  His behavior dictated what we could do as a family.  We couldn't go out in public; we were stranded in our own home.

We had taken Maverick to other doctors, but they were not able to figure out what the problem was.


When we took him to see Dr. Holly Carling, I wasn't expecting a "quick fix", I knew we would have to make long term changes.  Dr. Carling took an extensive history and looked at Maverick's skin tone, his nails, his eyes and a variety of other indicators.  One of the things she discovered (that no other doctor had noticed) was that he was anemic.  Dr. Carling recommended some dietary changes and put him on a nutritional supplement program.  Within 3 days he was calmer - he had "chilled out".  I was astonished, I never expected to see a difference that quickly.


Now, about a month later, he is like a whole different child.  He feels better and he's happy!  He's less whiny than he was before.  When he does have an occasional tantrum, he gets over it quickly.  He talks more and his speech has improved.


We can now do more as a family, and our whole family atmosphere is so much better.  I am so grateful!" - Mandy

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