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"I can remember my first migraine before I started Kindergarten.  Before coming to see Dr. Carling I typically had a migraine about once per week.  After a migraine, I could not function normally for about 3 days.  I am a wife and the mother of 3 young children, and my migraines made a huge impact on my family life.  My husband and my mother frequently had to take off work or drop what they were doing to help me with the children because I couldn't function normally.  I felt like a failure.


I started seeing Dr. Holly Carling for acupuncture and nutritional therapy in July of 2005.  Now, a little over 2 months later, I have only had one migraine since I started care.  When I had that one migraine, I immediately came in for treatment.  The migraine was gone by the end of my treatment and I felt normal by the end of the day.  I didn't have my 3 days of not being able to function!


It's hard to believe that something so natural (without the side effects of drugs) could be so effective.  I was also amazed at how gentle and pain-free Dr. Carling's acupuncture treatments are.  I saw another acupuncturist while Dr. Carling was out of town, and was amazed at the difference.  My treatment with the other acupuncturist hurt!  It gave me a new appreciation for how gentle Dr. Carling's technique is.


I am thrilled with the results of my treatments.  I highly recommend Dr. Carling to everybody I meet.  Dr. Carling has changed my life!" - Mandy

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