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Purification Program

Today, most people, it seems, recognize the need and the benefits to purifying (detoxifying) our body. It is no secret that our environment contains toxins that our bodies were not designed to handle to the degree that they are present today.


Just in our homes alone, we have dioxins (bleaching agents), mercury (dental amalgams, fluorescent lights, batteries, thermometers), Perchloroethylene (dry cleaning chemicals, shoe polish, correction fluids), perfluorinated chemicals (stain repellent on clothing, furniture fabrics, carpeting, used in food packaging, popcorn bags, in Goretex and Teflon), Organochlorine pesticides (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other lawn and garden care products), PVC (pipes, flooring and wiring, plastic bottles, toys, clothes), Triclosan (antimicrobial/antibacterial hand sanitizers, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorants, cosmetics, fabrics, plastics), VOC's (paint, varnish, adhesives), and many more that are carcinogenic, hormone disrupters, disease-inducing elements that store in our tissues when we are exposed to them.


Just for those reasons alone, we need to be detoxifying our body on a regular basis. We recommend a comprehensive 3 week detoxification program three times a year for those wanting to improve their health. Occasionally, there is additional need for a parasitic cleanse, a heavy metal detoxification or a liver and gallbladder purge (for gallstones) as well.


Daily, our bodies are bombarded with so many chemicals that it is no wonder that a disease, called "Multi-Chemical Sensitivity" is growing tremendously. Commonly, these people cannot go into a large department store perfume area, or be around cleaning solutions, candles or room fresheners. There are many more allergies and other sensitivities in the environment and in the foods we eat than ever before. Our bodies become too toxic to handle what used to be "normal" exposures.


Fortunately, our body was designed with its own detoxification system, which works continually. Sometimes we just need to give that poor, overworked system, a helping hand. That's where a good purification program comes into play. It is designed to take the heavy burden off your eliminative systems: liver, kidneys, colon, skin, lymph and lungs.


With proper detoxification, you will feel nourished, energetic, and have many of your symptoms diminished or gone altogether. The results speak for themselves!

I completed her 21 day cleanse with great results.  It was with great skepticism that I decided to do her detox cleanse.  The cost was very substantial to me and I was very worried about the results as well as how my body would respond.  I have a lot of sensitivity to drugs as well as certain foods.  I found the whole experience to be such a blessing.  Not only was I able to detoxify and clean up my system but even more exciting was the fact I got off the merry go round of sugar.  I dropped 11 pounds, gained a lot of energy and got the best sleep I’ve had in years.  It was worth the cost and the commitment for the program and I would highly recommend, health permitting, you consider doing this cleanse.” - Julie


"I feel great!  Lot's of energy.  Skin is soft." - Diane


"I feel so much more energized!" - Michele


"Lost 13 pounds and 2 1/2% body fat.  I felt good during the 3 weeks.  No headaches, stomachaches, etc.  Towards the last week I slept better.  I had more energy, actually felt like I needed to exercise to burn off some of the energy!" - Rose


"I noticed an increased energy level, less severe hot flashes, less sinus congestion & an overall feeling of wellness." - Barbara


"What I liked best about the detox program was knowing that I was cleansing my liver, kidneys, blood and bowels so that I could be healthier.  I am enjoying feeling better now.  I have more energy and feel fresher." - Victoria


"We are only on the second week, and doing great!  My husband has already lost 15 pounds!" - Stephanie


"I lost 18 pounds in the three week cleanse, as well as losing 16 inches.  I have noticed much less mucous and nasal congestion since the cleanse.  I have not had a desire for sugar, simple carbs, or soft drinks." - Ed


"I lost 11 pounds.  My triglycerides dropped from 459 to 138.  My cholesterol dropped from 400 to 150." - Jerry

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