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Purification Program

Over many years of administering and recommending various detoxification programs, we have found the best of the best!


The 21 Day Purification Program, designed by doctors utilizing Standard Process products, has shown to be an effective means for detoxifying the body, yielding the expected benefits of increased weight loss.


What is meant by detoxification? Several words are used synonymously when referring to cleansing the body of toxic waste - detoxification (slang, "detox"), cleanse, purification.


Every metabolic function in the body has resultant waste products that need to be eliminated on a constant basis. This is accomplished naturally by the body's own detoxification system which involves the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, lymph, blood and colon. The problem comes when those systems become over-burdened.


Our body was designed to handle its own waste byproducts, and minimally from outside sources. However, we have so many toxins in our environment - our foods, our water, the air that we breathe, even in our homes, that we overwhelm the natural processes. An effective detoxification program has been shown to be an efficacious way to rid the deluge of garbage that can affect adequate function of these organ systems.


Our 21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Jumpstart Program is easier than most people expect. Most people do very well, and more than half of the participants ask if they can continue after the 3 week period!


What is involved in the 21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Jumpstart Program?


First of all, you get to eat! This is not a food-free fast of any sort. In fact, we WANT you to eat! Of course, we want you to eat all the right foods! You get to eat all the approved vegetables you want (very few are not approved), a variety of fresh (approved) fruits, a small amount of rice and lentils, and a wonderful protein shake during the day.  Beginning on day 11, you will eat chicken and fish as well.


You'll take some supplements to assist in the detoxification process. This includes herbs for the initial phase of detoxification and some greens powders in the second phase of detoxification. You will take some fiber (either in capsules or in a powder form, added to your shakes) to keep everything moving, and to assist in absorption of toxic materials.




  • It is the only program we have evaluated that ACTIVATES BOTH PHASE I AND PHASE II OF THE LIVER DETOXIFICATION PATHWAYS. This is important, because without both phases being activated, you are more likely to be symptomatic. Typical complaints of other detoxification programs include: headache, fatigue, bloating, feeling sluggish, and nausea. These are rare symptoms with this program. You may experience headache if you suddenly discontinue coffee, however, most say they have great energy, their skin is clearer, they have less bloating, they just plain feel great!

  • It is the only program we have evaluated that NOURISHES the tissues, at the same time you are cleansing. NOURISHING the body is an essential component. Your cells need vital nutrients to repair and rebuild from damage caused by toxic elements. This is not a starvation diet. This is a healthy, nutritious program. In fact, it is a way of eating that many people choose to maintain, for the most part, for the rest of their lives!

  • We also provide ongoing support and education. Three times per year, we do a "Group Purification". We offer classes to teach you WHY you need to detoxify, WHERE the toxins come from (in the body and from our environment), HOW you can accentuate the detoxification if you choose to (such as saunas, lymphatic massage, etc.), and WHAT you can do to maintain the great results you can get.  Of course, these materials are available in your detoxification educational packet available only at Vital Health at other times. The 21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Jumpstart Program is available any time you want it, all year round. Only the classes are given three times per year.

  • It is streamlined, and easy to follow.

  • No synthetic ingredients are used in the products you will be consuming. This is a big issue. We have seen many purification programs where the products you consume include synthetic, fake, ingredients! That contradicts exactly what we're trying to do - clean the junk out of our body! The products we use are made from whole foods only - the way ALL supplements should be made.


For more information, go to, click on the Purification Program link and check it out!

What makes the 21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Jumpstart Program the best of the best?

"I completed her 21 day cleanse with great results.  It was with great skepticism that I decided to do her detox cleanse.  The cost was substantial to me and I was worried about the results as well as how my body would respond.  I have a lot of sensitivity to drugs as well as certain foods.  I found the whole experience to be such a blessing.  Not only was I able to detoxify and clean up my system but even more exciting was the fact I got off the merry go round of sugar.  I dropped 11 pounds, gained a lot of energy and got the best sleep I’ve had in years.  It was worth the cost and the commitment for the program and I would highly recommend, health permitting, you consider doing this cleanse.”

- Julie


"I feel great!  Lot's of energy.  Skin is soft." - Diane


"Lost 13 pounds and 2 1/2% body fat.  I felt good during the 3 weeks.  No headaches, stomachaches, etc.  Towards the last week I slept better.  I had more energy, actually felt like I needed to exercise to burn off some of the energy!" - Rose


"I noticed an increased energy level, less severe hot flashes, less sinus congestion & an overall feeling of wellness." - Barbara


"We are only on the second week, and doing great!  My husband has already lost 15 pounds!" - Stephanie


"I lost 18 pounds in the three week cleanse, as well as losing 16 inches.  I have noticed much less mucous and nasal congestion since the cleanse.  I have not had a desire for sugar, simple carbs, or soft drinks." - Ed


"I lost 11 pounds.  My triglycerides dropped from 459 to 138.  My cholesterol dropped from 400 to 150."

- Jerry


"I feel so much more energized!" - Michele

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