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Our vision is a lofty one.  We believe that we, and other like-minded professionals, can make a difference in the lives of people suffering from their health challenges.  That we can, one community at a time, heal the world.


What would our community be like if everyone was healthy?  There would be less crime, more happiness in the home, less quarrelling and anger, and greater ability to cope with the stresses that will undoubtedly be there.  Gone would be the anguish of observing a loved one suffer.  Money would be spent on healthy foods, instead of on medications, medical supplies, hospitalizations and expensive medical insurance.  Homes wouldn't be lost because of inability to pay medical expenses.  Days wouldn't be lost from work, and work would be more enjoyable when not competing against fatigue and pain.  Employers would enjoy greater productivity and more cheerfulness from healthy employees, ultimately saving the company money, which would bring down the cost of goods sold.


If everyone were healthy, we could use the money spent on medical bills to pay off our other debts - nationally, as well as personally.  Kids would excel in school because with healthy eating their brains would be sharper and they wouldn't be dulled by medications.


Our environment would be better.  We wouldn't have to worry about toxic medications in our water supplies or manufacturing facilities spewing toxic materials into the air to make our medications and medical supplies.


With happy, healthy people, there would be no anger-escalation resulting in criminal acts.  There wouldn't be accidents caused by inattentiveness due to medications, low blood sugar or symptoms causing distractions.


We believe that we have the power to change the course of our health.  We believe that each person we help, helps the community.  As our community gets healthier, one person, or one family at a time, it becomes contagious.  If enough practitioners do the same, within their respective communities, we can heal the city, the county, the state, the nation, and eventually the world.


Yes, it is lofty - if we dare to dream.  We choose to dream.  For every one person helped, it makes a difference in the community, and that's what we are about at Vital Health.

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