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“The best way to look at a cleanse is not as a detox binge, where you go back to abusing your body once it's over, but as a springboard to a lifetime of better nutrition” Dr. Alan Weiss, founder of Annapolis Integrative Medicine.


In a culture that values product sales and quick fixes over home cooking, there is no shortage of cleansing and detox products that promise the moon. Slick packaging and marketing campaigns, directed at our collective insecurities about health, picture radiant healthy and smiling people. Presumably, if you just add water to the sugar filled mix of synthetic vitamins and artificial colors you are magically transformed into a superhuman version of your former self. It’s no wonder so many people are skeptical when it comes to the words “cleanse” or “detox”, when many of these products are about as nutritious as the boxes they are sold in.  On the other side of the spectrum, fad diets introduce many beneficial nutrients, but fail to teach sound nutrition based on the diverse traditional diets that have successfully nourished humanity for generations. These approaches often lead to an initial excitement and short term commitment, only to be abandoned for the same bad habits that preceded them.


Ideally, a successful detoxification program is an introduction to a lifestyle change. Yes, it can also include specific herbs, nutrients, minerals and proteins to support the body’s natural functions. But these ingredients should only be made of simple foods. After all, our liver, kidneys, digestive organs and immunes system are ingeniously designed to detoxify themselves. The problem is that we are now exposing them to an unprecedented and dangerous concoction of highly processed, nutrient poor “foods”, industrial and pharmaceutical compounds and combinations of chemicals that we are not designed to use or excrete.


Many people have simply accepted pain, fatigue, digestive distress, poor sleep, and multiple medications as “normal” The emerging science of epigenetics is now full of compelling evidence that this new normal is in fact a reflection of a profound change that goes as far as our human genetic code. Yes, our diet is reflected in our very form. We are now several generations into this diabolical experiment, and the repercussions can no longer be ignored.  The good news is that we do have a roadmap back to health. A return to traditional foods, local food networks, and the common-sense wisdom of our ancestors is essential. In this context, detoxification is simply removing the barriers to our natural inheritance of health. In this way, we can assure not only our own health, but the health of generations to come.  It is not a short term solution, but a return to what really works.



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