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Neurological Disorders

The topic of neurological disorders is broad. It can be localized, such as paresthesias, and neuralgias, or systemic such as a stroke or traumatic brain event. It is a disorder of the body's nervous system. It can be structural, biochemical, nutritional, or be caused by electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord or nerves. Paralysis, muscle weakness or lack of muscle control, loss of sensation, confusion, pain, seizures or other altered levels of consciousness are all typical of neurological conditions.


Neurological disorders include: brain damage (from trauma or localized chemical or blood alteration), peripheral nervous system disorders (peripheral neuropathy, neuritis), autonomic nervous system disorders (caused by infection such as herpes, shingles, Guillian-Barre, Lyme Disease); from chemical injury or radiation, from diabetes, B vitamin deficiency, hypothyroidism, Porphyria, bacterial or viral infections, MS, cancer,  or alcoholism. It can also include movement disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, seizures, dizziness, vertigo, headaches, migraine, sleep disorders, tumors and other complex pain disorders.


As complex as neurological disorders are, treatments are equally complex. It is critical to nourish the tissues. For instance, the nervous system is primarily composed of fat. If the proper types of fat needed to build and repair damaged nervous tissue is not available, healing can be compromised. Minerals and amino acids are also part of the essential building blocks of healthy neurological tissues. If not present, well, you can't make something out of nothing!


Acupuncture is commonly used to treat neurological disorders. Before re-locating her practice to Idaho, Dr. Carling specialized in treating brain injuries. She taught other acupuncturists all over the U.S. and also in England how to be effective at treating brain injuries. She is often quoted in articles related to brain injuries and in research papers on the topic and her work is still used in some of the acupuncture schools today.


While acupuncture treatments are generally quite successfully used for treating a variety of neurological disorders, it cannot be forgotten that the person must be treated as a whole and herbal medicine and good nutrition are a must if the underlying condition is to be effectively addressed.


We look forward to helping you!                  

This letter is a declaration of my personal experience as a patient of Dr. Holly Carling.  Also, and more importantly of my experience as conservator and brother of Peter, now a resident patient at Tustin Rehabilitation Hospital.


I first went to Dr. Carling's office to be treated for residual problems resulting from a brain aneurysm repair and subsequent stroke of June of 1988.  My problems were two-fold, some physical and some emotional.  After six weeks of treatment, all of my problems were resolved, I had been restored to the same level that I had been at before the brain injury occurred.


My brother, Peter, was in the above mentioned facility after leaving Mission Hospital, where he had an emergency operation for a massive brain hemorrhage on April 1, 1991 due to hypertension and stress.  Peter had no feeling in his left arm or leg.  Also, his cognitive responses were zero.  Dr. Carling began to treat Peter in early August, a full four months after the operation.  Almost immediately Peter began to respond.  His eyes opened all the way up and one could see recognition in his eyes.  He started to respond to commands, and has feeling along the whole left side of his body.  Subsequently, he has progressed at a rapid rate.  He is totally aware of his situation, writes somewhat legibly, and is now tolerating a rigid regimen of therapy.  The family is understandably ecstatic and the staff at Tustin Rehab (especially the R.N.'s) are amaze3d at his rapid progress.


We, in Pete's family, are positive that the rapid and dramatic recovery that commenced precisely at the time that Dr. Carling's treatment began is no coincidence, especially in view of the fact that he had been comatose for 160 days!


In addition to these two cases, namely Peter's and mine, illustrating Dr. Carling's competence, I am aware of another patient residing at Tustin Rehabilitation Hospital, who is there because the staff there recommended Dr. Carling to them.  It is my understanding that the patient's family were unwilling to put the patient into any rehab center unless there was an acupuncturist available to treat the patient on premises.  This strikes me as a much stronger recommendation than one by me, being a mere layman regarding medical care.


Further, I have to mention that Dr. Carling is always professional, certainly competent, compassionate and always accommodating both to hospital routine and, so important to us, the family.  In spite of her very busy schedule, she always wanted to be made aware of the best time to treat my brother, so as not to conflict with either the medical or rehabilitation routine that he was involved in.  She always went out of her way with members of the family, so that we might be aware of what and why she does certain things.  Besides having a nursing background herself with a great deal of time working in hospitals, she was able to explain other things to us at times when there was no one else to ask.  In cases like this, I believe that all families tend to be in a fragile emotional state; so we are all indeed grateful to Dr. Carling for her compassion and willingness to give of her time to our constant queries.  Also, and I assume it is important to any healing process, Peter himself responds to Dr. Carling very well, even though his awareness of his condition has depressed him, and he sometimes shows agitation at certain procedures he's had to go through, but so far, never with Dr. Carling.


Therefore, speaking for my family, we can only give the highest recommendation to any individual or any institution seeking the services of an acupuncturist, that he, or it, employ the services for Dr. Holly Carling.  She is marvelous!!




It's working!!  It's working!!  I will admit I felt skeptical about acupuncture but there is definitely a difference.  Thank you so much for telling me to "hang in there".  You were right, the nerves are slow to respond.  But soon after my treatment last Monday, I forgot to use the cane as I walked around the office.  I believe that was about my 14th visit to your office.  Every treatment seems to make me stronger and more balanced.  I realize now that it will take many treatments but it is worth the effort, time and cost.  After all, my alternative was a slow decline to a walker and wheelchair.


I did not count on the strength I am gaining throughout my body.  I expected results only in the walking.  But I find that there have been other benefits as well.  I feel stronger all over.


Again, thanks for the advice, treatments and support.

- Laura