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Headaches & Migraines

When I was young, I suffered from migraines. I didn't know at the time that that was what it was. I just thought it was a super bad headache. I was afraid to tell my mother, so I just ate aspirin like candy. I would take 8 adult aspirin in a dose, since that was the only dose that would touch it. Fortunately, it didn't burn a hole in my stomach, though it did result in some digestive issues. As a young adult when I became aware of nutrition, changed my diet, and turned to herbal remedies, I was able to overcome them.


Since then, I have learned a lot about headaches and migraines. I can also relate to those who have them. I am grateful that there are lots of remedies for headaches of all kinds.


Acupuncture is one of the greatest forms of healing for headaches. During most treatments they will disappear while the patient is still undergoing treatment, and will be clear when they get home. As with all forms of treatment, there is a succession of treatments needed to alleviate the headache once and for all.


More importantly, we look for the reasons why the headaches exist. We look at it like a picture puzzle. As with most ailments, there are generally several different reasons why an individual has headaches, and they will usually be a different combination from one person to the next. That's why one person's headaches will disappear with one medication (or herb) and that same medication won't touch another person's headache.


We treat not only the individual puzzle pieces that are causing the headaches, but also the picture as a whole.  Nutrition is one of the key components that add to the headache picture. Both lack of nutrients, and excess of non-nutritive additives in foods, junk foods, junk fats, etc. Having the right nutritional elements for healthy functioning of all the organ systems not only assists in resolving headaches, but heals other systems as well.

Our goal is to find all the puzzle pieces of our headache picture, so that we can resolve them, and have a complete picture of health!

I can remember my first migraine before I started Kindergarten.  Before coming to see Dr. Carling I typically had a migraine about once per week.  After a migraine, I could not function normally for about 3 days.  I am a wife and the mother of 3 young children, and my migraines made a huge impact on my family life.  My husband and my mother frequently had to take off work or drop what they were doing to help me with the children because I couldn't function normally.  I felt like a failure.


I started seeing Dr. Holly Carling for acupuncture and nutritional therapy in July of 2005.  Now, a little over 2 months later, I have only had one migraine since I started care.  When I had that one migraine, I immediately came in for treatment.  The migraine was gone by the end of my treatment and I felt normal by the end of the day.  I didn't have my 3 days of not being able to function! - Mandy

Before coming to see Dr. Holly Carling, I had been experiencing perpetual migraines - I either had a headache or full-blown migraine every single day.  I had been getting headaches and migraines since I was nine years old.  On a pain scale of 1-10 (10 being the level of natural childbirth), my migraines usually averaged an 8.  My longest migraine lasted for 21 days.


I couldn't work; I had no time for hobbies...I was lucky to feel up to reading a bedtime story.  I was living in panic mode...I never knew if the next day was going to be so bad I couldn't even function.  I had to call in "the cavalry" - my family - to come bail me out so often that they quit making plans to do anything.  My children associated grandma and grandpa coming over with me having a headache.  It makes it hard to get up in the morning when you know you're a burden right off the bat.  I was afraid to make any commitments, and I missed a lot of my daughter's school functions.  There was a lot of stuff we didn't's a very isolated feeling.


I had tried so many things to get rid of my migraines.  I tried Chiropractic.  I saw so many specialists.  I had tried over 45 different drugs and had liver problems and my gallbladder removed as a result.  Nothing worked.  The doctors kept telling me it was normal, that it was in my DNA and I would have to live with it.


When I began seeing Dr. Carling I expected it to take several months of acupuncture and nutritional therapy before I saw any noticeable improvement, especially considering the number of toxic drugs that had been put into my system.  I was so surprised when I noticed a difference within the first week.


Now, a month later, I am so much better.  I have only experienced one massive migraine since I began treatment with Dr. Carling.  When the migraine started I came in to see her (she actually came in on her day off to treat me), and she was able to break the migraine.  Under normal circumstances, that migraine would have sent me to the emergency room.  Other than that one migraine, I have only experienced mild headaches since I started seeing Dr. Carling.  Dr. Carling has taught me ways of managing those few headaches so they don't get severe.  That's the cool thing about working with Dr. Carling, she teaches you how to work with your body instead of the quick-fix, "Band-Aid" approach of western medicine.  She doesn't guilt trip you into taking the nutritional supplements and eating better.  You want to do it based on the results of feeling better both physically and mentally.  She lets me ask any question I want.  She has so much knowledge...I just want to pick her brain.  She's the type of person you want to hang out with...not like the old farts in western medicine.  I learn something new each time I see her, and I appreciate how supportive she has been.

Things are so much better for my family.  Grandma and Grandpa have to make excuses to come over to play with the kids now.  The other day Grandpa came over, and my son said, "Oh, do you have a headache?"  I told him that Grandpa was coming over to play with him.  He was so happy and excited!  We are able to make plans and do things.  It's no longer necessary for everything to revolve around my migraines.  My parents were even able to go away for a weekend recently!


I have referred many of my family members to see Dr. Carling and they are doing great as well.  I would recommend Dr. Carling to anybody who wants to get well. - Stephanie

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