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Fatigue & Lack of Energy

Do you feel like you're out of energy, out of fuel? We can help.


So many people feel like their gas tanks have run dry, like there's no fuel to go any further. Others feel like their engines run sluggish, but it gets them where they need to go. Life shouldn't be like that.


There are many things responsible for getting our engines going in the morning, and running smoothly throughout the day. Some people feel it is only a nutritional problem. While nutrition can be a major factor in feeling fatigued, non-motivated, and un-excited about life, it is just one part of the problem. A car can run with old gas or poor quality gas in the tank, but will start sputtering, slowing, and eventually coming to a halt.


Our bodies are no different. Given the right fuel, our body, our energy, can be wonderfully reliable, and not only get us to where we need to go, but where we want to go as well.


A car can also run with most engine parts working, but if something has gone awry, a mechanic is needed. That is where acupuncture is beneficial. When the organ parts aren't working up to par, the energy will wane.


Acupuncture is used to help to restore function. Nutrition is used to put fuel into the gas tank. Herbs are used to clean the filters, put duct tape on the hose until it can be fixed properly (helping with symptoms), or used to provide specific nutrients for certain functional needs.


Just as the whole car needs to work well in order to be reliable, the whole body needs to be well in order to have energy. We can help.


I feel fantastically energetic.  I can go, go, go like a teenager again.  Recently my husband and I moved a few truckloads of shingles and when he was exhausted and ready to quit, I was still energetic and ready to finish the job. - Sherie

When I came to see Dr. Carling, I had been suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 10 years.  It was so bad that I didn't have enough energy to keep up with my part time job and had to let it go.  I couldn't participate in fun activities with my family.  I was a burden on my family - I couldn't keep up with my housework or even keep up with my personal hygiene.


I also experienced a recurring mild fever, muscle aches, poor sleep and digestive problems.


I am now feeling so much better!  I have just reached a new level in my healing process, and I am able to do so much more.  I am able to participate in summer activities with my family.  I go on daily walks.  I can do a lot of activities - run a lot of errands without paying the price (in the past, it would take me 3-4 days of resting all day to recover).  Now, if I overdo it, I recover within a few hours, otherwise my activities have no ill effect on me. - Rosalia

Low Fuel Indicator