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Complete Bio-Functional Analysis with Customized Health Recovery Plan

On your initial visit at Vital Health, you will receive a Complete Bio-Functional Analysis.  The purpose of this intensive visit is to evaluate what deficiencies, imbalances, toxicities and impaired function are at the root of the symptoms you are currently experiencing.  The Complete Bio-Functional Analysis consists of the following:


Health History:  This is a comprehensive review of your medical and health history – past and present, review of all tests and review of supplements and medications. We will ask a lot of questions and listen intently to what you have to say about your health.


Examination/Assessment Tests:  During the examination portion of your visit we utilize over 27 different assessment tools to help us uncover the reasons for your symptoms.  We are Health Detectives. Our goal is to find WHY your body is not functioning properly in the first place – not just symptom chase.


Evaluation:  Following your Complete Bio-Functional Analysis visit, you will be asked to come back for a follow up, Report of Findings visit a few days later.  This enables us to take the time to look at all of your health history and examination findings comprehensively and evaluate the best treatment approach for you.

“I am particularly impressed by the way you took as much time as needed to listen to me and fully investigate my problems and issues.  You soon came back with a full and complete report of your findings which you then proceeded to explain in great detail.  You made it very clear why I am in the condition I am in, how I got there and exactly what to do about it.” - Mike

“I have been very happy with my experience...  She really talks you through what is happening and what needs to be done to get well.  My questions have been thoroughly answered.  I feel like she’s treating me, not the textbook.  I felt like all of the other doctors I saw were treating the textbook, not me.” - Kim

Report of Findings and Customized Health Recovery Plan


On a follow up visit, we will go over with you the results of your examination and explain what we found is happening in your body that is at the root of your health challenges.  We will provide you with a lot of information on this visit.  We believe that knowledge is power.  The more knowledge we can provide you with about your body, how it works, what is wrong with it and what you can do about it, the more power you have to take action to attain and sustain vibrant health.We will then provide you with a Customized Health Recovery Plan to get you on the road to excellent health.  

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