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Blood Sugar Problems

Whether you are suffering from diabetes (or borderline diabetes), hypoglycemia, or anything in between, we can help.


We recognize that blood sugar difficulties are a result of many different things going wrong. Poor nutritional habits are frequently at the core of these challenges, but not the sole culprit.


Managing blood sugar is not just an issue of managing food. There are several organs or glands that are part of the blood sugar mechanism, that if not functioning up to par, can be a chronic contributing factor. This does not mean that the organ or gland is necessarily diseased, but more likely that function is simply waning (the gray area between great function and disease). Unless these organ or gland inadequacies are addressed, nothing will change. We will simply be chasing our tail.


To resolve blood sugar issues takes work and takes the proper modalities. Nutrition is a known must, and many think the only solution, however, the value of acupuncture in resolving blood sugar issues cannot be overstated. The main benefit of acupuncture is its ability to help restore function. Blood sugar issues are functional issues.


Diabetes was a condition known to man in ancient days. In China it was called Xiao Ke syndrome or "Wasting Thirst" disease. The symptoms associated with it were identified thousands of years before conventional medicine called it diabetes. It was diagnosed by pouring the urine of the patient onto the ground, and if the ants went after it, they had Xiao Ke syndrome. Pretty rudimentary, but you can understand how it could be diagnosed this way. That didn't give them the severity of the disease, only that too much sugar was spilling into the urine.


Fortunately, the work these early doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine did in resolving this wasting disease are used commonly today, with a high degree of effectiveness. Combined with good nutrition, acupuncture and nutrition are hard to beat for resolving blood sugar issues today.


When I first came to see Dr. Carling I was experiencing severe vertigo sometimes lasting for hours and accompanied by severe vomiting.  I had just had a heart attack.  I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I was also diagnosed with diabetes.


Everything is so much better now!  I noticed a significant improvement in my vertigo within a couple of treatments and it has continued to improve over the course of my treatments.  My heart is so much stronger and my blood pressure and cholesterol are now normal.  Most exciting of all, I had my annual physical last Thursday and my medical doctor declared me “officially non-diabetic”! - Inga

When I first started going to Dr. Holly Carling I had been in an auto accident and I had hurt my neck and my back.  Dr. Holly takes a long time with your history and I told her I was also an insulin dependent diabetic (12 years).  After being on insulin for that long all I had to look forward to is all the ramifications of being a diabetic: poor circulation, loss of eyesight, heart problems and many others.  When Dr. Holly was treating me for my auto accident, she started placing acupuncture needles in all the right spots to control diabetes or to get better control.  Five months after I started seeing Dr. Holly, my Doctor of Internal Medicine started weaning me off insulin and today I am insulin free.  I asked him if that meant I was a non-insulin dependent diabetic and his reply was it looked like I was not a diabetic.  I still carefully monitor what I eat, but I have lost 40 pounds and I have never felt better. - Patricia

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