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When Your Body is Sick: Auto-Immune Diseases

By vitalhf, Oct 24 2018 01:00PM

By Dr. Holly A. Carling, O.M.D., L.Ac., Ph.D.

We live in a sick nation (that can be taken in many ways!). Our bodies have degraded into a state of illness never before seen by man, and it’s not just a matter of finding new ways to name it or having new technologies to diagnose it. We are sick and becoming sicker! Auto-immune diseases, like so many other diseases, are skyrocketing at alarming rates. There are between 80 and 200 different auto-immune conditions today.

What is an auto-immune condition? It is a disease which manifests “antibodies or lymphocytes against substances naturally present in the body”. It has the appearance of the immune system going bonkers and can’t tell the difference between a foreign body and its own body. But we are discovering that what we thought we knew about auto-immunity may not be the full story.

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