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Sugar Belly

By vitalhf, May 1 2019 03:00PM

By Holly A. Carling, O.M.D., L.Ac., Ph.D.

It is widely known and accepted that sugar contributes significantly to weight gain. There are quite a few other reasons why we get that belly that is so despised by over-weight individuals. Understanding some of the mechanisms behind sugar causing weight gain can help us in our control over it.

The first and foremost is how the pancreas and adrenals respond to sugar when consumed. When we eat a high carb meal, glucose levels go up. Because glucose in large amounts is toxic, it causes the pancreas to raise insulin levels to try to get the glucose out of the blood stream and into the cells where it can be used. The adrenals also release cortisol in response to insulin. Both insulin and cortisol tell the body to increase fat deposition. The more this happens, and the greater the amount of glucose in the blood, the more the cells become resistant to insulin. The pancreas then has to work even harder to get the glucose (which is needed by the energy mechanisms) into the cells.

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