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Alzheimer's: An Epidemic Not to Be Forgotten

By vitalhf, Jun 12 2019 01:00PM

By Jonathan M. Sasser, M.S.O.M., L.Ac.

In my opinion, Alzheimer’s Disease is arguably the most pressing age-related health concern of our time. According to Stanford Health Care, its prevalence is increasing, with early-onset forms of the disease appearing as early as 30, and one in three adults over 85 having the disease. Stanford Health Care describes Alzheimer’s as a degenerative disease of the brain that causes degradation of nearly all brain functions, including memory, movement, language, judgment, behavior, and abstract thinking over time. Extensive research has been conducted concerning the mechanisms of this degradation, but there is still little consensus as to what sets these mechanisms in motion, and many of the medications being used to treat Alzheimer’s have shown minimal impact in slowing its progression. Regardless, it should be noted that we actually know quite a lot about how to make lifestyle choices that can preemptively keep many of these mechanisms within ideal parameters to reduce the overall risk of Alzheimer’s.

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