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About Us

At Vital Health we are broad in our vision.  Our mission is to provide quality, personalized care to all who walk through our door, and we want our patients smiling and feeling better when they leave after receiving our services.


We are dedicated to the physical, emotional and chemical well-being of our patients.  It is our commitment to provide a warm, nurturing, serene and safe environment to assist our many patients in their healing process.


We are of a rare breed these days: we listen, truly listen.  We hear what it is that you need - your fears, concerns and health needs.  We take the time to educate and assure our patients.  We want our patients to make informed decisions regarding their health care because only then can they take responsibility for their own health and well-being.


When you are feeling bad, we want to help you feel better.  Not just temporarily either.  When your health is good, we want to help you keep your body strong and reach a higher level of vitality!


We are "wholistic" (meaning 'whole body') and "holistic" (meaning 'natural').  We use modern and ancient healing arts to heal the whole body - the whole person - not just isolated problems, and not just the disease - and do it naturally, without dangerous side effects or toxic overload to the body.  We believe in treating the body with gentle and effective techniques.


Using several modalities gives you choices.  You, as a patient, have choice, thereby enabling you to be an active participant in your health care.

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